A word about “Introspections of a sad boy”



            Black vision and gloom are neither desirable nor recommended, on the contrary they‘re often stigmatized and condemned for pessimism. Yet, one can not avoid perceiving the beauty that emanates from negative pondering over apparently placid states of the mind. But then, isn’t “la joie de vivre”  -as an ever lasting pursued aspiration- defined in total opposition to this sordid state i.e. black vision?

             I once ventured to this realm -so much avoided for fear of being marked as nihilistic, pessimistic, gloomy and desperate.

In complete clearness of vision, I tried to enter those realms so dark and there I found and reflected on Impressions I’d like to share.

Most of these reflections actually go back to the time I was still a student, others were considered when I graduated and later when I idled -for about three years. I long hesitated to publish them. Now I just can’t let the opportunity slip away again.

                              You will read them on periodically on the” Reflections” page.



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Weep no more

Weep no more little child,

grow wise take the big ride.
Let all your worries faint and vanish into smiles and you mind embellish.

No more hide the tears you shed,

nor cover the mist over your little bed.
Show no fear of unknown figures

that haunt your dreams with horrid measures.
Weep no more! You big child,

Slow down, follow the tide

To whom who wasn’t

Time really flies and takes souls away

Keeps just relics of a whispered existence.

Hearts grow swollen and sink into decay

While eyes dwell on the frail reminiscence.

For those who by-pass life’s joy;

Another realm is theirs and better.

Not forgotten they’ll live and enjoy

Eternal bliss and be content to the letter .

Untold desires

Wishes of lust revisit my head,

and take me down to the bottom.

Where all my will drops dead

and my heart secrets unbutton.

The sinful looks that i have already read,

fill out my heart with suffocating cotton.

The lust whispers that used to hover over my head,

Show up, go then advise me to abandon.

Slender frames

Poor people may need small living for life,
and occasionally go happy when bright turns meet their way.

they would live down,resist and opt for strife,
when the fewest linger to condescend to joy for another day.

For the expensive loaf,people get ready arms and knife,
but to the luckiest loss is only weaker pay.

Blessed whispers

We ignore all signs and pretend we didn’t see,
and put the blame on things we secretly wish to happen.

Better moments of ease , joyfulness per se
and sways drive us astray and drifted to decay we hasten.

Unequipped ,but with little hopes that forgiveness our prize be,
careless of duties and all sinful desires we unfasten.

Though exploring muddy pits and the forbidden sea,
we aspire to unfinished bliss,stretches of land and eternal heaven.

June 2009

The ebb and flow of faith

Like empty shells that scratch the sand

on early shores of rocky beaches

my bewildered soul sways would stand

astray grieving over unattainable reaches.


Of hopes that no vile  thought in my heart will stand

no more sins in acts no longer just to preach

but jettison the evil and keep to Allah’s rule on hand

avoid wrong  and all blemishes peach.


The deviation  I hope is momentary

for only in Allah’s path I will find glory

No matter how hot,my tears can’t say how sorry

I am that I got a burden I can’t carry

Opheon Fri.March7 /08

Heavenly birds


Strident shells tear besieged skiesBb3PIhZu5j_LgTlRQtHtKHfPSZq-jhrY

and enlighten dark mined child eyes

blast forced hopes that tomorrow is true

together with ascending dreams that evil has virtue

No waters ,no matter how tormented they are ,can sweep blood

and clean the cold clutching grips of what has gone so far and stood

On sinful corpses that no worry caresses,

Sinless slender bodies will avenge massacres

Though in front of Some men this is a defence

Before God, it’s nothing except barbarous offence

 To Gazan kids who met bullets ,shells and unknown bombes lonely alone