Weep no more

Weep no more little child,

grow wise take the big ride.
Let all your worries faint and vanish into smiles and you mind embellish.

No more hide the tears you shed,

nor cover the mist over your little bed.
Show no fear of unknown figures

that haunt your dreams with horrid measures.
Weep no more! You big child,

Slow down, follow the tide

Blessed whispers

We ignore all signs and pretend we didn’t see,
and put the blame on things we secretly wish to happen.

Better moments of ease , joyfulness per se
and sways drive us astray and drifted to decay we hasten.

Unequipped ,but with little hopes that forgiveness our prize be,
careless of duties and all sinful desires we unfasten.

Though exploring muddy pits and the forbidden sea,
we aspire to unfinished bliss,stretches of land and eternal heaven.

June 2009